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Custom Creations in Resin, Glass, Mosaic & Stained Glass

Custom Resin Artwork & more...

If you have a clear passion for the beauty of all things shiny with lots of bling, you are in the right place.

Explore the many colors and textures in my unique creations using resin, mosaic, stained glass, crystal & gems, just to name a few. 

Due to Covid-19, resin classes have been canceled until the lockdown is removed & social distancing is not longer required. Please check back for new classes once the above restrictions have been lifted.

Click Here to view images from my resin classes.

Freestanding geode in blues, greens, turquoises & purples. Parts are transparent to allow light to shine through in a plate holder for countertop display. This was a commissioned piece.

Size: 10" x 14"

Available in custom colors, size & design.

Freestanding geode in pinks, golds & white with real crystals added for bling. This can be displayed in a plate holder for counter or shelf display. If you prefer to hand in your window, a hole can be added for display.

Size: 5.5" x 4.25"

Available in custom colors, size & design.

Custom Resin Countertops, Backsplashes, Shower Panels, Tabletops, Desktops, Accent Tiles & more.

Created using a variety of techniques & additives from gems, stone, recycled glass, silver, copper or gold leafing and so much more.

Unlimited colors and designs.

Heat resistant to 500 degrees., Scratch and stain resistant. Easy to clean.

Looking for custom artwork for the walls of your home or office? We create artwork on canvas or MDF, suitable for wall hanging.  

Email me your questions or to learn more about commissioned pieces.