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Custom Creations in Resin, Glass, Mosaic & Stained Glass

Welcome to the exciting world of Resin!

Have you seen the newest, hottest trend in art? Resin, awesome and amazing resin?? Have you wanted to try resin but didn’t know where to start? I am excited to announce, I will be teaching resin classes.

Click here to view images from my classes.

Due to Covid-19, resin classes have been canceled until the lockdown is removed & social distancing is not longer required. Please check back for new classes once the above restrictions have been lifted. 

Here's what you’ll learn:

General information about using a two-part resin and what resin to use based on your project.

  • All supplies are provided and included in the price of the class.
  • You will choose up to (3) three colorants for use with your project. Please come to class with your colors in mind.
  • Resin Basics - how to properly measure and mix your resin for best results.
  • Basic equipment you will use and why.
  • Safety instructions on how to work safely with resin.
  • How to setup your work area to insure the maximum working time with resin.
  • How to color your resin using a variety of colorants.
  • What embellishments you can add to our resin.
  • Pouring & using your resin & how to minimize bubbles.
  • Curing time of resin.

What you’ll get:

  • Your project created and designed by you. Yeah you!!! You did it!!
  • Printed take-home instructions & supply list. I will also include the best place to purchase your supplies.
  • Fun, lots of fun and smiles.
  • Meet new friends.

Health & Safety:

  • I will provide a surgical style medical mask for your personal use. The mask will be used during the mixing process of the Part A into the Part B resins, for approximately 3 mins.
  • It is recommended you purchase a respirator style mask for your use during class, to be used during the mixing process. You can purchase one at Harbor Freight for $16.99.
  • Please wear old clothes/shirt or bring a chef style apron, in case you spill your resin. Aprons can be purchased at Smart & Final or online through Amazon for less than $13.00.
  • If you have shoulder length or longer hair, please bring a way to pull your hair back such as a hair ties/clips or bandana. For health and safety concerns, this class is only available for those over the age of 18 years, and who are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Bring your friends.

I am also available for private parties!! Canceled, see above.